Old Poems, Tucked Away in Dusty Corners of the Internet

Having work published online still feels very strange to me. The poems flash like a blip on a radar screen, then disappear into the dark ocean of too much information flooding our brains, eyeballs and computer screens. However, the poems are still out there, floating in minuscule life rafts, surviving on emergency rations and albatross meat. Here’s a map to the coordinates of some of mine that haven’t sunk yet. Give them a visit, they must be lonely.

Fragile Arts Quarterly

GlassFire Magazine

Pirene’s Fountain

(Okay, this search surprised me by just how many have sunk. It used to be a much longer list. If you come across any others, let me know. Thanks.)

About marcbeaudin

Poems, plays, books, roads, trails.
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