Vagabond Song


“Here is a poet’s road trip, tracing the blue highways with a dazzling prose that keeps us belted in for the fast passage – a firm anchor of raven, woodlands and the fractured moon on the lake at night. We should all take strength from his impressive traverse.”
Doug Peacock, author of Grizzly Years

“Is there such a thing as free-range literature?
I think there is and I think this is it. These lovely, spirited, freewheeling trip logs are charged with the poetry of motion.”
Walter Kirn, author of Up in the Air

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Paperback – $15
Limited edition, signed & numbered hardcover – $30

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“A poet’s song to the rewards of wandering and joy of the highway. It’s a bracing tonic and one this sorry, sad-assed, gadget-obsessed nation needs to hear again and again.” –William Hjortsberg, author of Jubilee Hitchhiker: The Life and Times of Richard Brautigan

From a beer carton full of rain-blurred and spine-broken journals come these tales of the road, trail and barstool. Setting out from a writing cabin outside of Grayling, Michigan, Beaudin casts him thumb into the waters of M-72 — returning to the music of the open road. Inspired by Bashō’s haibun classics such as Narrow Road to the Deep North and Records of a Weather-Exposed Skeleton, these nine movements, with their accompanying interludes and caesurae, span over a decade of traveling the highways and byways of numerous countries both on and off the map. Through all the years and all the trips, the direction is the same: Beyond.

“Beaudin is a cat in his own category of howl & highway hymn. It’s our luck that he’s made a book that will persist in our minds as a classic companion of blue moonways & on-the-road travels with Charlie.” – from the foreword by William Heyen, author of Crazy Horse and the Custers

The book includes cover art and interior sketches by well-known Montana artist Edd Enders.

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“This is the kind of book parents will hide from their graduating children, but which will be found nonetheless.” – Rick Bass, author of Winter: Notes From Montana



“Beaudin intertwines expansive and lyric passages as he weaves his personal narrative, and he has plenty to say about history and politics, about religion, mythology and the spiritual curiosity that drives him.”Tami Haaland, poet laureate of Montana

Highway 89

Click to read about all the stops on the Hundred Highways Tour.

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“What a roadsong! No matter where I opened the book, I was drawn into the bright moment of the journey. Only a poet could fashion such a book.” – Tamarack Song, author of Journey to the Ancestral Self, director of Teaching Drum Outdoor School

Note to booksellers: Paperback edition is available from the publisher, Elk River Books at the standard trade discount. Also available through Ingram. ISBN: 978-0-9863040-1-9. Please e-mail for assistance.

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