From Coltrane to Coal Train

Order Now: From Coltrane to Coal Train: An Eco-Jazz Suite

The music of John Coltrane represents the highest
vision & vibration
mode & modulation
soaring sonic syncopation
righteous reverberating realization reached
by the two-legged travelers of this
burning heart of rock screaming blue through the silent void
of space.

The coal train that wakes us in the night, represents the lowest.

CDs and digital downloads are now available for this recording of poetry and jazz that explores the intersection of the artistry of John Coltrane and our collective call to resist and repel the forces that are destroying our natural spaces and climate. Coltrane once said, “All a musician can do is to get closer to the sources of nature, and so feel that he is in communion with the natural laws.” This is sound advice for all artists, a call-to-arms. And we are all artists. Poet warriors.

The album contains 9 pieces on this theme, featuring Dana Colley (of the bands Morphine, Orchestra Morphine, Vapors of Morphine) on saxophones, bass clarinet, upright arco, flute; Billy Conway (Morphine, Orchestra Morphine) on drums, percussion, bass, guitar, vibraphone; and Laurie Sargent (Orchestra Morphine, Face to Face) on vocals, bass, keyboards. Laurie recorded and mixed the music, and Ian Thomas (Band of Drifters, Bus Driver Tour) did the vocal recording and mastered the complete recording.

Listen to samples, view the artwork and order your copy here.