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No Exit (translated by Marc Beaudin), Blue Slipper Theatre, 2019

“Beautiful, brilliant, revelatory – what else would you expect from a play written by Jean-Paul Sartre and directed by Marc Beaudin? An intimidating undertaking for a small-town theatre, but if Beaudin, cast and crew felt intimidated, it doesn’t show in their production. They seize the play in their own hands, go all out, and the result is nothing short of mesmerizing.”

The Women of Lockerbie, Bay City Players, 2009

“Beaudin’s beautifully understated direction makes this a must-see play. It speaks volumes about the human condition, and is performed brilliantly by its cast of seven.”

Amadeus, Pit & Balcony Community Theatre, 2008

“Beaudin’s musical score set is gorgeous and his direction outstanding in keeping show flowing without any of the scene changes stopping the action. One of the stellar local performances of the season.”

Enchanted April, Pit & Balcony Community Theatre, 2008

Enchanted April truly charming. … Beaudin directs his cast to near perfection.”

The Exonerated, Pit & Balcony Community Theatre, 2006

Exonerated sets gripping atmosphere … Yikes! Director/Designer Marc Beaudin certainly knows how to create a permeating atmosphere … although it’s a heartbreaking show, there also is a strong sense of the strength of the human spirit within it … from the get-go, this production sets an atmosphere that never quits … #9 Arts Events of 2006.”

Frankenstein, Inc.; The 303 Collective, 2005

“New take on Frankenstein superbly, hauntingly chilling … Beaudin’s script is a worthy adaptation, wasting no words and written with the soul of a poet. … His direction of his play is superb. … The opening scene is one of the best things we’ve ever seen in theatre. … #5 Arts Event of 2005.”

Fear and Misery of the 3rd Reich; The 303 Collective, 2005

“Show packs thought-provoking wallop … Marc Beaudin has directed another fine show here, again showing attention to detail and drawing strong performances out of his ensemble cast.

Little Shop of Whores; The 303 Collective, 2004

“Halloween/election satire delightfully clever …Original plays are a rarity in these parts, let alone delightful ones like this late October reworking of ‘Little Shop of Horrors,’ taking aim at the puppets in the November election.   …Bravo to playwright Marc Beaudin … #4 Arts Event of 2004.”

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