Birthday Poem 2021

Today, it’s too cold
to be anywhere but the bar
of this Mexican restaurant w/
a Dos Equis & a statue of a frog
wearing a Christmas-themed COVID mask

But earlier, in too-thin coat
& mud-caked boots, walking
a greening trail mad w/ buds &
maybe that was a Kestrel
being chased off by two crows
& the male Redwings
are acting like the females have arrived
& so this business of spring
can really get started

In the mirror, behind bottles
of tequila & whiskey,
that sad-looking guy is
another year older, has
a little more gravel in his pockets
but also, another few birds
in memory’s storehouse, &
thank the gods & Reyna
the bartender,
a fresh Dos Equis
in front of him

[If you enjoyed this, I’d love to send you my free e-book, Notes from the Grizfork: A Year of Watching in Montana’s Paradise Valley. Simply click here.]

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