Jazz/Poetry Thing Wrap-up

Thanks again to all the people who came out for the Jazz/Poetry Thing this past June at The Attic in Livingston, Montana. It was an absolute blast to perform with fellow poet Dave Caserio and some really fantastic musicians: Buff Brown of the jazz/soul group Bad Betty Organ Combo, Parker Brown who performs and records with numerous jazz cats in Billings and recently released a solo album called We Were Young, and Billy Conway, of the bands Morphine, Vapors of Morphine and Twinemen.

The Attic was one of the best venues I’ve been to, let alone performed at. If you’re in Montana, check them out and catch a show.

Special thanks to John Zumpano for his great photography. Here are a few samples:

Also special thanks to Jerry Mullen for audio and Dain Rodwell for video. Here’s a sample:

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2 Responses to Jazz/Poetry Thing Wrap-up

  1. Betty BS says:

    Beautiful, Marc and Company!

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