Directing Portfolio

“Beautiful, brilliant revelatory … nothing short of mesmerizing. What else would you expect from a play written by Jean-Paul Sartre and directed by Marc Beaudin?” (No Exit)

“Beaudin’s beautifully understated direction makes this a must-see play.” (The Women of Lockerbie)

“Beaudin directs his cast to near perfection.” (Enchanted April)

“Marc Beaudin has directed another fine show here, again showing attention to detail and drawing strong performances out of his ensemble cast.” (Fear & Misery of the Third Reich)

“Beaudin’s musical score set is gorgeous and his direction outstanding.” (Amadeus)

Below are photos from a few of the nearly two dozen shows I’ve directed at 9 different venues, from 300-seat theatres to unfinished warehouses, art galleries and bars. (Click here for directing resume.)

My goal as a director is to collaboratively guide everyone involved with the production toward an authentic, unified and creative vision. As theatre artists, we dig deeply into the mysteries of human experience and emerge with more mysteries. Questions are more important than answers. And I believe we must develop ways of asking these questions with clarity, harmony, humor and great passion.

Please click any photo to view a slide show of larger images.

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