Design Portfolio

“The first thing that strikes you, as the curtains open, is the set — a set like none you’ve ever seen.” (No Exit)

“Beaudin’s musical score set is gorgeous and his direction outstanding.” (Amadeus)

“Director/Designer Marc Beaudin certainly knows how to create a permeating atmosphere.” (The Exonerated)

“Beaudin’s ramshackle set testifies of the broken lives of these two men.” (TopDog/UnderDog)

“Beaudin’s multilevel set is lovely and the technical design solid.” (Christmas My Way)

Below are photos from a few of the nearly three dozen shows for which I’ve designed sets and lighting at 9 different venues, from 300-seat theatres to unfinished warehouses, art galleries and traveling shows. (Click here for design resume.)

As a scenic designer, I love the challenge of telling more of the story through visual media. Sometimes this story is historic – a representation of the place and time of the play, but more interesting to me is when the story is metaphoric, symbolic or psychological. These are the sets that become another character in the play, interwoven with the lives and desires of the human characters inhabiting the same world.

Please click any photo to view a slide show of larger images.

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Poems, plays, books, roads, trails.
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