Revisions Continue on Dosōjin & Tonic

Two chapters into the third draft. I thought I’d start posting some excerpts. It starts with a Prelude lifted from The Lost Writings of Miscellaneous Jones:

Not much is known about Miscellaneous Jones
He walked a lot of roads
but always wiped the dust from his boots
He was partial to rhubarb pie & drank his coffee black
He did most of his talking with his eyes
but if you heard his voice, even once
you’d never quite be able
to shake it.

After the first chapter, comes the First Interlude:

Miscellaneous Jones sent me a postcard once,
general delivery, Grayling, Michigan
I had to hitch into town to get it

It said, “Every tyrant
is a killer of poets.
That should tell us something
about the potential power
of what we do.”

And then it said,
“Wish you were here.”

There was no return address.

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